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Calm Birth After Trauma

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my amazing birth story with you all. After the very traumatic birth of my first son I was pretty nervous about going through it a second time so I began looking for ways to calm those nerves and that’s when I stumbled upon hypnobirthing or calm birthing which I feel played a massive role in helping me have the labour I’d always wanted, so bear with me as it takes a little while to tell…

At 2.30am on the 28th of April I woke up with very mild surges, they continued to be very mild and randomly spaced until roughly 8.00am. In that time I had been listening to the positive affirmations MP3 and really focusing on my breathing, I found I couldn’t concentrate enough to visualise the surges as anything so i just went with the breathing.

Roughly around 11.00 we decided to head into hospital as we live an hour away from the nearest hospital and the surges were coming every 4 minutes apart and had grown in intensity, being my second child the midwives also agreed it would be a good idea to come in then too.
When we arrived at the hospital we were taken to the examination room and I was hooked up to the monitor to check bubs heart rate and to measure the contractions, unfortunately, I was stuck hooked up to it for an hour as being in the car had slowed everything down 🙁
At around 2.00 once the surges had started to pick back up again the midwife asked if I was fine with having an internal examination, as I felt completely fine in between surges and not into much pain I was happy to have one, she had a quick feel and was just in the middle of telling me that I was only 2cm dilated ( cue disappointment) when I had another very intense surge, she quickly had to move her fingers to the side as she said I’d jumped to 4cm with that surge and she felt my membranes bulging and could feel the hard lump of bubs head just behind so as soon as those waters broke he would be out in no time! She ran upstairs to get the birthing suite organised and at 2.30pm she took us up, the cheeky bugger made me walk up the steps in attempt to break the waters and we were all laughing and joking about which step they would break on lol
Once in the suite, we met the midwife who would be looking after me and a student midwife who was shadowing her. The surges were becoming quite strong and lasting for a decent amount of time now, the midwife asked me to lay on the bed so she could show the student how to feel my tummy for a contraction, they had both just placed their hands on my belly when my waters broke giving us all a big laugh. The midwife gave me a gown to change into and then noticed that my waters had a slight meconium staining so she went to grab a doctor, leaving the student in the room with my partner and I. The time my waters broke was at 3.30 , in the short time it took me to walk from the bathroom to the bed where my partner was the surges had become increasingly stronger and by the time I reached my partner I had the urge to push so I began pushing and quickly said to the student that I could feel the head moving down (I still had my underwear on at this stage), so she quickly left the room to go grab someone and her and another midwife arrived back into the suite just in time to see me standing up leaning on my partners shoulder pushing and have him yell out that that the head was out, the random midwife ran over and ripped my underwear down and 1 push later and he was out fully! My partner was all ready to catch bubs if the midwifes hadn’t got back in time! As bubs came out so quickly I did have a 2nd degree tear but other than that it was the perfect labour, I was so happy and calm between each surge, I was able to focus on my breathing which truly lessened the pain and the whole experience was just incredible 😍 a friend of mine is due to have her baby soon and Iv recommended reading TCBS book and listening to the MP3 as they are amazing!! here is a photo of my newest little man 😍 so thank you to Suzy and the team for providing me with the tools to have the labour I wanted xx

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