The Mindful Breastfeeding School 

How you are feeling about your impending arrival?
Are you super excited and raring to go?
Or nervous and unsure of what to expect.
Most of you are probably a mixture of both, right?

You’ve heard everyone say that breastmilk is the best thing for your baby, the healthiest option, the one everyone seems so sure you should go with.

But how do you know if it will work out for you, and why do so many people around you find it so hard? Perhaps you’ve tried breastfeeding before and it didn’t go as planned, should you try again? You feel like you’d like to but maybe it will all be too much?

And while you’re determined to give this breastfeeding stuff a go, you’re not entirely sure what it will involve or how it will work.

Will your partner be able to get involved?

Will you produce enough milk?

Will you be confident enough to feed when you’re out and about?

How will life with your brand new baby really look?

What will your friends and family say about it all?

You Need The Mindful Breastfeeding School- £80

Taught by Anna, a Lactation Consultant and Paediatric Nurse and Ray, a Breastfeeding Counsellor and Hypnobirthing Teacher, this is a 6 module course that can be followed the at your own pace, and can be revisited once your baby is here.

On this course, we are going to help see where your worries, concerns and even fears about breastfeeding really lie. We are going to help you to take on those fears and ensure that they don’t affect your breastfeeding journey. We know from experience that dealing with these feelings head-on is the way to open yourself up to the most wonderful, calm and positive breastfeeding relationship with your baby.


Pregnant lady with book

And if you’re reading all of this thinking,

“Yep, all good points but I have so much to prepare for before the baby gets here”

“Breastfeeding can wait”

“I’ll find out about that once the baby is here”

Let me stop you right there.

Breastfeeding your baby is an intrinsic part of your birth, and I know from working with thousands of families, that pregnancy is the best time to start gathering the tools and info you need to enjoy the breastfeeding experience you are hoping for. And the beauty of this online video course is you can re-watch any/all of the videos once your baby is here.



Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop Training Course - Enrol today for just £80

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