“he was born just eight minutes after arriving at hospital”

We loved hearing Natalie’s birth story, thank you for sharing:)……..

“I had a difficult first birth and was initially anxious about the birth of our second child , but the course and practice helped me to feel so much more prepared , calmer and in control. It felt a bit like training for a race (which I used to do a lot back in the day)

We were delighted to welcome our baby boy Owen Thomas Peter Ross on Monday 4th April weighing 7lb 7ox at 4.21pm four days ahead of our guess date.

Our birth was quick and not to my birth preference plan but……..the techniques I had learnt helped so much!

I started at 2am that day with surge pains which were varied in their intensity and length following a week of Braxton Hicks. They tapered by the morning and the advice of the triage team when I rang was to stay at home and continue as normal. I continued to feel tightenings across my stomach that morning but it wasn’t until 2pm when we got back in from our local park (a mile away and I had walked there and back!) that I felt a pattern of regular surges come on. These were at this stage four minutes apart.

Our little girl was unsettled that afternoon and we put Paw Patrol on to settle her. I rang triage who, as my waters had not gone, advised that it was my decision as to whether I went in as my waters had not yet gone.

I rang and arranged childcare for Lily and it was just before 4pm when we left for the hospital. Whilst siting to set off I practised my breathing techniques all with the sounds of Paw Patrol on in the background and Lily’s demands!

In the car they became quickly more intense. I listened to the playlist and breathed using TCBS techniques.

When we arrived the Midwife asked me for a urine sample, my waters broke in the bathroom. I was then checked by the midwife and I was fully dilated. At this point they wanted me to go to delivery and asked me to get on the bed. As I did, I felt the need to bare down. The Midwife saw this and advised our baby would be put on my chest and he was born just eight minutes after arriving at hospital.

Although the water birth I wished to have, and the calm serene environment I wished to aim to create, didn’t happen, all of the above never once felt frightening, even in the car! I feel this is because of the sense of control TCBS made me have.

Best of luck with your impending arrival and huge thanks again”

Natalie, Paul, Lily and Owen xx

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