Blow by Blow from Dad! What a wonderful experience

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple, who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing PLUS course (pregnancy relaxation and yoga sessions) with Jenni Scholes from Empowered Bumps Hypnobirthing, Doula & Baby Massage covering Merseyside, North Cheshire, and South Lancashire. This is all from Dad! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!


“The Birth of Clark Alexander Foster 23rd December 2019.

2.15 am woke up in discomfort with surges starting.

2.45 am What’s that sticky stuff on the bed?

3 am timing surges roughly 8 mins apart.

3.30 am played relaxation music, turned on defuser with frankincense essentials oil and chatted.

4 am ran a bath and lit candles.

4.30 am rang Gillian, Michelle’s mum (she was already sat in the car, fully dressed, waiting).
Surges now every 3-5 mins about 30-45 secs apart and have been for half an hour now.

5 am brought the ball upstairs, bounced and chatted.

5.45 am phoned maternity ward, they spoke to Michelle and me. (We told them we would hang out here as long as possible.

6 am 2 paracetamol (daddy’s van stash saved the day) and back in the bath.

6.15 am “calendar” “calendar” was the shout from guys room, took him down to see grandma who was sat on the couch, I set up a quick scene for chippy the elf and then back to the wife.

6.20 am strongest surges yet, starting to feel the urge to push from her bum.

6.30 am packed a bag for guy and put Michelle’s happy playlist on.

6.45 am made Michelle and Guy butterscotch pancakes (only 2 left so dad missed out)

7.15 am surges getting stronger, strange feelings in her bits

7.40 am Guy is gone… far too noisy with grandma to go with the zen vibe

7.45 am pants off socks on

8 am phoned the hospital, were on our way, get the plug in the pool

8.45 am at the hospital

9.05 am pads on belly to check babies heart rate and contractions, everything fine

10 am 5-6 cm dilated

10.25 am filling up the pool

11.15 am into the delivery suite (no pool)

1 pm shower time.

1.15 pm surges getting very strong now.

2 pm 2nd and hopefully final fingering for the day… 8-9 cm progressing really well

2.30 pm explained that the pool was not an option due to the hospitals insurance not covering Michelle with last birth.

3.15 pm another round of toast please

3.45 pm Time for another shower, the water seems to be help soothing Michelle’s back

4 pm feeling the need to push now with every surge, waters still not broke

5 pm no cervix left now fully dilated.

5.15 pm the body feels ready now so we’ve made the decision together to break the waters to help get little one out safe and sound.

5.30 pm little one has had a poo in mummy’s stomach, not a massive problem but we need to keep an eye on babies heart rate now.

6 pm push push push

6.30 pm Sarah (midwife) really helping me with Michelle’s attitude, Michelle doing fantastic through these surges and really giving it her all. I’m so proud of her!

6.45 pm we can see a head! Michelle still doing great and keeping our little baby relaxed and safe. The doctor has decided that they would like to help deliver the baby safely. We are fully on board.

7 pm Oh my fucking Lord! Never been more proud of Michelle for what she is putting her body through, she’s staying so strong “I AM SUPER WOMAN” I’m just worried about her now and starting to feel (but not show her) a little bit helpless now.

7.05 pm kiwi clamp attached to baby’s head and Michelle is still pushing and staying strong. 1 more big push through the surge could see baby.

7.09 pm Daddy got to pass baby Clark Foster to mummy and tell her it was a Clark.

7.10 pm daddy cut the cord whilst mummy had skin on skin with her beautiful boy, so many emotions to even try and write them all down.

7.15 pm “he’s a big one!” She makes big, beautiful healthy babies. What a star she has been.

7.30 pm we phoned Guy and he was so excited. We have asked Colin and Gill to bring him in to meet his little brother.


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