A Beautiful Positive Induction Story!

Every single birth story we receive is special to me, but of course it brings me soooo much joy when a friend is able to share her experience. Seriously sobbing at this:)


So…here goes. So excited to finally have my turn at sharing a story. I’m going to indulge beyond any reasonable amount, I love a bit of detail…so apologies in advance!

My babies like to keep me waiting. My first was induced 12 days over and ensured a drug fuelled 4 day labour from hell. THIS would be the birth that I wanted to have without fear, this was always what it was about for me.

I spent from 37 weeks thinking ‘is this going to happen now?’ Lots and lots of early labour signs. Finished work at 38 weeks and suddenly body went into relax mode. Apart form the usual walks, pineapple, nipple stimulation etc I decided against lots and lots of fussing over trying to naturally ‘induce’ and due date (though I do have a toddler so had to carry on as normal) but it is hard when you go so far over to maintain that enthusiasm.

I listened to my fear release, birth rehearsal and affirmation mp3’s and Suzy Ashworth voice of honey lined my ears. I also practised my breathing and massage with husband.

I was Polyandrominous (meaning too much fluid) throughout pregnancy but got more severe as time went on. Refusing early induction I decided to wait, but at 41 weeks things hadn’t changed and I felt my baby would be a long while yet. (I have a 35day average cycle so this effects guess date).

I was booked in Monday 20/6/16 at 10am for induction, nothing happened, my ‘priority top of the list’ didn’t happen and I watched countless people go before me. The same on Tuesday…I wasn’t sleeping due to being in hospital and noise etc and by this point felt pretty rubbish. I hit some pretty low points. I cried, had a bit of a tantrum but each time I felt overwhelmed my husband and I put on the MP3 fear release, watched some programmes we’d downloaded had my colouring in book, and looked at personal photos we had of our daughter as well as FaceTime! It really helped to embrace the environment I was in. Controlling the things I could and letting go of what I couldn’t.

Wednesday morning and I decided ‘against medical advice blah blah’ to go home. I needed to start a fresh forget this process and take control. I knew my body was built to do this and I knew they had to say the things they did to ensure I knew the risks. I packed up was about to leave and a midwife came down from delivery to take me upstairs. I was there quicker than lightening…

Up I went and had a wonderful midwife and consultant the people really did make a difference.

In went the propess and contractions started like period pains (as I’ve heard in a non-induced labour) and steadily grew. I was allowed off monitoring and could walk around a little. After a while I realised I had to shut everyone out and just breath through them, trance like, in my space not thinking about anyone/anything else. Once or twice in crept the feeling that ‘this will probably not really be anything like last time’ but I acknowledged it and connected more with my body, trusting it, succumbing to it, to do what it needed to.

They continued to grow. The consultant came in after two hours and in her own words ‘I’m doing my little African dance, this is beautiful and what I want to see’. I managed a smile and thumbs up. She said I’m taking it out as you are surging so frequently, I don’t want you to hyper stimulate like before so hopefully your body will carry on in its own pattern. (I had been through previous birth and discussions about my wants before induction with her so was pleased she was listening). Out it came and I continued to surge for 40secs every 3 mins, (ps I never surged longer than 40/45seconds non of this it has to be for a minute stuff) but began to build more. Each surge I welcomed, each time reminding myself it was one step closer to baby as my husband said in my ear whilst stroking my head. I also visualised myself in the distance climbing a mountain I’d get to the top and walk down the other side in time with each surge. I was also in a rose garden quite a lot surrounded by flowers. Also used a hand mudra used in yoga with a mantra ‘breath in I relax, breath out I smile, dwelling in the present moment, it is a wonderful moment’. This also helped a lot to focus the mind.

I brought out the tens machine soon after and it really helped I became more mobile again. I was moved to a delivery room, by which point (the movement in body) shifted the urges slightly. They reexamined and the consultant said ‘great news your body has got you to 3cm, fantastic’. This was a huge huge step for me and I’d never felt more proud. It spurred me on and I loved the language being used in the room rather than ‘just 3cm’.

They carried out a controlled ARM (broke my waters whilst someone guided baby down from the outside to ensure cord didn’t come out first). This was successful, but similarly to my first the baby had passed a lot of thick meconium. Her heart rate was fine though. Consultant left the room and it was suddenly all ‘must go on a drip, must have an epidural’. The waters breaking was a game changer though and surges flew thick and fast I now had gas and air and was using the tube to breathe out to the sound of oooooooo. It helped immensely. I also high fived everyone in the room boogied around and felt the love (gas and air works for me).
Luckily anaesthetist got stuck next door and in surgery as I was starting to want to cave and have an epidural. Mainly because it was there but each surge just got more primal and I roared my way through them. No fear, no stress. The anaesthetist came in and begun to speak they reexamined me and I was 5cm.

I decided to go for an epidural but as I sat up to get in position my body and baby guided me elsewhere and I said ‘I’m pushing’. Everyone was shouting not to and I said ‘I can’t help it’. I felt the uncontrollable urge to release the baby. 3 more surges and I pushed everyone off me, laid down on my side, lifted my leg and out flew my baby. The most empowering, beautiful experience. Totally overwhelmed by the love of that labour and loving the feeling of baby coming out!

Vagina is not so pleased as me, few stitches and a quite sore but totally and utterly different experience. Entire labour from start of propess to birth 6 hours. Form establish labour as recorded, to birth – 44 mins. A home birth next time!!!
Here’s Martha Louise Alce, 9lb 2.5oz, born 7.05pm 22/06/16″

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