Baby’s head was right there, so yes, it was time to push

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Pregnancy Course with Jennifer Scholes of Empowered Bumps covering Merseyside, North Cheshire, and South Lancashire

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with is!

“So, I had my first contraction at quarter to nine on the Saturday night, I had another one a couple of minutes later, so I started timing them. I just sat on my ball just bouncing and talking to my partner, when each contraction came I just went into my zone and just breathed through it.

My contractions straight away we’re a minute long and 2 minutes apart. My waters broke just 30 minutes later so that’s when we started to put things in the car and make our way to the hospital.

The contractions got a bit more intense but just going into my zone and breathing through them they were over before I knew it, I felt so in control. We got to the hospital and I was 5 cm so my partner was aloud straight in with me to the delivery suite, she had to wait outside just while I got checked to see where I was up to but as soon as they were done they let my partner in straight away, the midwives and nurses were amazing, they were just so relaxed and they helped me get back into my zone when I would slip out of it for a minute and start tensing up. They got me right back into my breathing zone, before I knew it I was breathing through the gas and air tube and as I breathed out and felt this sudden urge to push.

I thought it was too quick and the midwife went to put a clip on the baby’s head as the tummy monitor slipped off and she realised the baby’s head was right there so yes it was time to push!!

In just a few contractions and still just breathing through it and staying in my own little zone she was out at 11:54 pm just 3 hours and 10 minutes after my first contraction. I do believe it was simply just from learning the positive side of birth and ignoring all those negative stories.

I did not find any part of my birth negative. I was in control, calm and in the zone and most of all I was so excited as I knew I was just hours away from meeting my baby. I am thankful for being shown that side of it by Jenie. And most of all the hospital experience I built up in my mind was nothing like I experienced, they were amazing help, positive, encouraging and more than happy to get my partner in there asap. It was an amazing experience.”


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