baby didn’t want to budge

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple Kelsey and Sam who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course via Zoom with Bryony Bugg of Beefearless Hypnobirthing based in Cyprus.  

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!

The night before my due date on 28th April I took a nice bath filled with clary sage oil, after using up all the other old wife’s tales the week leading up to it, I went to bed feeling absolutely fine and normal.

I woke up around 4am to go to the loo and found I had a tummy ache which I actually thought was a morning poo haha! So, I went back to bed then realised the period like pains were coming in waves so I quickly realised it was the start of labour for me. I took myself downstairs to be by myself and watched a film while the surges started to come, they quickly started to become closer together and more intense so I woke up my boyfriend and told him to get himself and our 2 year old Arnold ready in their own time and when he got back from nursery we would leave, the journey was going to be a minimum of 30-40 mins.

I managed to get myself showered and even did my hair using my breathing techniques, by this point my surges were 3-5 minutes apart. We then travelled to the hospital which took an hour! And the fantastic roads of Oxford were filled with potholes but again I listened to my mp3s in the car and kept myself calm and in the zone.

Once in hospital they measured me to already be 7cm which I was so pleased about, I moved straight to the ward and went into a room we dimmed the lights and I got myself comfortable stood on the side of the bed. I worked through my surges with Sam behind me and I couldn’t believe I actually liked him touching me this time haha!

After a while I was checked again and hadn’t progressed and by this point I couldn’t move much as my surges were going through my pelvis and back I asked for some pain relief and was told I was too far gone for some so I opted for an epidural as I knew I needed to get out of the position I was in, to progress.

After my epidural I was actually still able to use my legs so I asked to not be monitored so that I was able to stand up again I would have never known I had this option before hypnobirthing! When the Doctor came in and asked if I wanted more I refused because I wanted to feel it, I still had to use the gas and air for my surges and I felt in control.

Not long passed and I was finally ready to push, unfortunately baby didn’t want to budge and was completely happy so after an hour and a half I had some help and baby Albert was born weighing 8lb exactly as calm as the ocean, we even got to leave that night and come home. I was so filled with happiness and joy that I got to make the decisions, definitely more than my first labour and it was what I chose to do.

From start to finish my labour was around 13/14 hours and I would do it again tomorrow in a heartbeat.

If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today!

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