Amazing & Perfect Second Experience & A Moment We Will Cherish Forever

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple Tilly and Ben who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Charlotte Inkpin of Hypnobirthing with Charlotte. Covering areas across Braintree, Essex.

Tilly and Ben’s first birth with their son Luis was less than a positive experience – Tilly reached out to Charlotte, her first question was “will you hypnotise me” after a Zoom call Charlotte reassured Tilly that she wouldn’t be hypnotised, and they booked on to a full Hypnobirthing Course.

After just one week Charlotte could see such a difference in this beautiful mumma!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of the arrival of Fliss with us!

“Around 2pm on 19th July I was reading a book in the bath when I began to feel very mild surges in my back. I was 3 days over my guess date and almost couldn’t bring myself to believe it was happening for fear of getting too excited! So, I carried on and read a few more chapters….

After another hour I went downstairs and hugged and played with my little boy until 6pm when I made the decision he should stay with his nanny that night. I was confident this was it. I wanted him to be part of the early stages to keep me calm and focused and full of love, so I was so pleased at the timings.

My husband, Ben, started to time the surges. We made dinner and calmly chatted and ate whilst recording them and it felt so natural and calm. They were a steady 3 minutes apart at 40 seconds each but manageable. At around 7pm they seemed to slow, at 9-11 minutes apart. So Ben put on Hot Fuzz and brought my maternity pillow to the couch and we relaxed how we like to. Relaxing myself soon brought them back on and stronger and by 8.30pm they were 5 minutes apart at 1 minute length and the pressure was just at the point I felt we should leave for the hospital

I was offered an examination for dilation of which I accepted; she couldn’t tell me exactly because my cervix was behind her head but I was about 5cm. This was at 10pm. I swiftly got back on my feet as standing was my most comfortable position and I was using Ben as a literal coat stand for my entire body. I leant on him for the duration after that and he stood there like a rock. In no time at all my surges were reaching a peak and I knew I was ready. So standing up, and leaning on Ben, I declared I had to push which shocked my poor midwife seeing as I was checked at 5cm just 15 minutes before! She called for assistance but no one came to her aid so it was just the 3 of us, but I trusted these 2 people and my baby and more importantly myself. My midwife positioned herself under me, my waters released, and she swiftly made her way down with my midwife playing goalie to catch her beneath me!

She handed me my girl between my legs and I pulled her in between Ben and I and we remained standing in awe of such a wonderful positive experience with our girl between us.
We asked for the placenta to be left as long as possible and then I actually cut it as well (Ben is a little squeamish!)

After such a scary and disheartening first birth experience that can only be described as negative…. (mainly our struggles were coping with “pain”, staying in any sort of control and no communication to each other due to shock) this was the most amazing and perfect second experience and a moment we will cherish forever. We cannot recommend Charlotte enough for her knowledge and empowerment for the both of us. We were truly like a different couple and when we first looked into hypnobirthing I honestly did not think THAT much of a difference could be made. Amazing and so grateful”.


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