Although I had no control! I felt IN complete control!

This weeks birth story is the amazing twin birth of two beautiful baby boys – Meet Huey & Huxley! Kizzi & Rich did an in-person Hypnobirthing course with Tracey Harper from Birthing Calmly.

“Ok so here goes on my birthing story… x

So after hoping and praying for a natural birth, my babies had other plans and refused to move from their comfy breech position and so I had to opt for a planned c section, but I can honestly say I felt fully supported by the midwife at Lister!

So …fast forward to the day of my c section 17.10.18

I can honestly say it felt all very strange sitting waiting to go down and casually walking/waddling into theatre, as they started to inject the epidural I started to sweat and felt as if I was going to pass out so I started with the breathing techniques taught, …And although I had no control! I felt in complete control and relaxed with music playing and Rich by my side, I was in my happy place ready to meet my 2 surprises! 

Lion king moment number one out appeared our baby boy tears streaming with happiness!

Lion king moment number two baby boy number 2 I couldn’t believe it!

But I instantly knew something wasn’t right he was blue! Wasn’t breathing properly, panic started to set in! I couldn’t get up but I could see in Rich’s face pure worry, but I knew we was going to be ok so I took Rich’s hand and started breathing and reassuring him. The emergency teams came running in and whisked him off to NICU.
36 hours later he was reunited with his brother and just wanted to scare us!

I can’t thank Tracey enough for her support leading up to my birth and although it was all planned the different events that arose and the techniques I learnt honestly helped us both so much.

Please meet Huey and Huxley Hall, our world!

The boys are a dream so far! xx”

Thank you so much Kizzi and Rich for sharing your amazing birth story with us!

It’s so lovely to hear how much the techniques supported you through all of the unexpected occurrences at your birth. You are a super strong mummy and daddy and it’s so lovely that you have shared your beautiful journey with us.


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