All the techniques kept me calm and focused

Thank you to Charlotte and Jonny for sharing their birth story with us! This couple did a private Hypnobirthing course with the lovely Jessica Shipley, founder of The Calm Mama Co in Yorkshire, UK.

When my labour started I felt calm and relaxed remembering all the techniques Jess taught me. I got in the bath and focused on my breathing which really helped me get through the surges and gave me real focus so I didn’t start to panic.

When it started to get really tough I kept remembering that every surge was one closer to meeting my little one (my favourite affirmation), and keeping a positive mental attitude really helped me to  get through.

After 36 hours I decided that an epidural was the right thing for me. Knowing all of the pros and cons really made me feel secure in the knowledge that it was what I wanted.

When it was time to push I changed my breathing techniques and it really helped to visualise baby moving down which I had discussed during the course with Jess.

All the techniques kept me calm and focused and even through it was a long process keeping these techniques in mind, I managed to
watch my little girl enter the world and I’ll always remember that precious time.

Thank you Jess for the tools to make my birth the best experience it possibly could be.


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