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Aches, pains and twinges during your pregnancy

Today I want to talk to you about how you’re going to do with your birth if you’re already feeling the aches, pains and twinges during your pregnancy.  View my explanation here.

If I’m talking to you, the first thing I want to say is that you are not alone.  It’s one of the most common concerns from women who either go through the programme or just who are pregnant generally.  Like ‘ow, this hurts.  My baby has just kicked me in the vagina, and it hurts.  If that hurts now how am I going to get the head of the body out?’  It’s really normal to feel that type of fear, but I want to put your mind at rest.

When you get an unexpected kick in the fanny it’s very, very different from your body starting to birth your baby.  The type of preparation that you hopefully are doing, if you are enrolled in the Calm Birth School programme, that preparation both physically with the exercises that we show you, and emotionally with the work that you’re doing with the MP3’s and the audios about changing the way the subconscious thinks and feels about pregnancy and birth is massive, it just changes the whole playing field.

One of the things that we say in the programme is

‘you control things you can control, and you let go of the things that you can’t.’  

When it comes to birthing your baby, releasing any resistance, releasing any tension and really leaning into the sensations that you’re experiencing, whilst telling yourself that every time you feel a surge you’re one surge closer to meeting your baby.  It just massively changes the playing field than getting a kick when you are not expecting it.  It is normal that when you get unexpected pain like that, it can take your breath away sometimes.  That is very different from you going into labour, particularly when you’ve done the type of preparation that we’ve set you up with.  So, do not worry, do your practice.

The other thing is that we’re not talking about just short sharp pains, but also ongoing pains during your pregnancy.  So for example, a lady that I once worked with fractured her arm in the bath.  Her first instinct was to freak out.  Her second instinct was to use the tools and techniques that I’d been guiding her through.  She said that the paramedics that came to help her were absolutely blown away by how calm she was.  They are also good opportunities to identify which of the many tools that we share can help you to really get into that space of calmness.

I hope that puts your mind at rest.  If you haven’t signed up for the free classes, and you’re not already part of the course or the programme, please check out