My Calm Water Birth

We loved hearing Kelly’s birth story. Thank you for sharing it with us:

“I went into labour at 2.30am, I slept intermittently and then finally woke my husband at 6.30am. I had a leisurely breakfast and got my older son ready.

After my husband dropped him at a friends, surges were coming thick and fast so we drove to Hospital. When I was examined the midwife said I was 2cm so needed to go home! I was adamant this was going to be quick so pleaded with her to find us somewhere and in the end she put us in an induction bay as it was quiet.

We were in there an hour and I was listening to my mp3s and breathing, on a few occasions I felt like I was losing focus and then my husband stepped in and got me back to my breathing, after an hour I felt very progressed (moment in time)! so they wheeled me down to the midwife led unit. The room was lovely and they were filling the pool as I came in, I asked for the lights to be dimmed and my classical music to go on.

When the pool was ready I got in and it felt amazing, lovely temperature and really soothing, I still had my eyes closed and was breathing, the midwives left me to get on with it other than taking observations every 20 minutes which I found annoying! In no time at all I felt a sensation to bear down and could then feel the head! I shouted ‘the heads out’ and the midwife said, ‘ok push him out’! At this point I just felt an intense pressure and just wanted to get the baby out, he came out quickly and the midwife said she would push him under my legs and for me to catch him.

I pulled him up and he was beautiful with some of the sack still over him! We waited 4 minutes until cutting the cord. My husband was pretty shell shocked and kept saying I can’t believe you just did that! I did have a 3rd degree tear which was a shame and made me glad I was in hospital, but the rest was completely to plan and a really positive experience, I couldn’t of achieved without the calm birth school. Thank you x”

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