6 Gifts Your Unborn Baby Has Given You This Xmas

On this gorgeously festive day, whether you are celebrating today or not, I wanted to send you the warmest of wishes and a whole bundle of love.

Merry Christmas!!!

When I was thinking about today’s newsletter, of course, I couldn’t help but think about those of you who are waiting for their little ones to arrive. Our kids change our world’s in ways that we cannot imagine when they first arrive. It’s different as we move from 1 to 2 or more, but with each new soul our hearts expand and we grow as individuals. This change starts for most as soon as we know they are there. Their presence within us is the most amazing gift and it got me to thinking about all the other things they help us to receive before we have even locked eyes with them. Have a read of my list and tell me, can you think of any more?

1. Rest

Your baby wants you to rest up. Take it easy and allow your body to bloom and grow, without all of the stresses of everyday life. Have you gratefully received that present?

2. Intuition

Brene Brown describes intuition as: not a single way of knowing, but our ability to hold space for uncertainty and our willingness to trust the many ways we have developed knowledge and insight, including instinct faith and reason. Life BC (before children) is often so hurried and we often find ourselves on the treadmill or reacting to life rather than responding to our needs. Getting pregnant gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on what we feel and instinctively know to be the best way forward for ourselves and our family. And is a resource that we will pull on again and again during motherhood.

3. Power

Often we don’t know our own strength and power until the latter parts of our pregnancy and of course when we are in labour. Our babies force us to go places we haven’t been before, calling on a strength and power within that leaves us feeling like warriors.

4. Patience

For someone who was very short on patience before I had children being made to hang of 11, 13 and then 15 days after my guess date was a massive learning curve for me. I almost nailed it with number 3 and although, I’m still a work in progress, but my babies gave me the motivation to get there and yours will too.

5. Perspective

Come on let’s face it, for many of us until we fall pregnant our perspective is a little all over the place. Then as soon as we find out we’re going to be responsible for a whole new human life we see the world through different eyes. More compassion. More empathy. More love.

6. The Calm Birth School

Of course, I couldn’t write about gifts without mentioning TCBS right? This is a pretty awesome gift that without baby you wouldn’t have the chance to fully immerse yourself in understanding just how bloody amazing your body is built to be during your pregnancy, labour and birth, in quite the way we love to share it.  If you’ve not yet accepted your beauty’s gift to you. What are you waiting for? 

I could go on, but it’s Xmas Day, so I’m going to leave it here and say much love to you all. With 2017 rapidly approaching, I want to be able to share at least one new birth story with you ladies every week. So if you’ve been meaning to put pen to paper for a while, share the love. We’d love to hear all about it.


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