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Charity’s wonderful VBAC

Thank you to Charity who has shared her wonderful VBAC story. Congratulations on the birth of baby Ava. Here’s Charity story:

“No one ever fails at birth.  This is my story…

I got big.  Real big.  I hurt.  I could barely walk.  I couldn’t pick up my toddler.  I had Braxton-hicks contractions every day, all day, for about 3 months.  I ended up in the hospital with prodromal labour to thankfully be released two hours later.  With all of this (and yes, a few curse words here and there) I remained positive and calm.

I listened to my MP3’s whenever I could, took lots of warm baths, and enjoyed many blissful naps.  And…I was excited to have my VBAC.  My first child was born via C-section after my home, water birth didn’t go as we had hoped.  I still had my beautiful boy and I was ready to try again with this little girl.  Due to law, I was going to have to be admitted to the hospital, but I had a great OB with a team of midwives and the approval of a birthing tub with intermittent monitoring.  I was ready for round two!

A week later my waters started leaking around 11pm.  I waited…and waited…and waited for a contraction.  Nothing.  I went back to sleep.  I woke up in the morning and contacted my doula.  She advised me to get to the hospital sooner rather than later so we ate breakfast and hit the road.  She would meet us there.  Still no contractions. 

After being monitored for about an hour I was admitted to the hospital around 9am.  I was barely 1cm.  Because I had waited so long after my waters broke the on-call midwife had no other choice but to induce me.  I had to play by the rules if I still wanted my VBAC.  No problem. 

Thankfully she took an alternate approach to petocin and used a cervical balloon.  Once my cervix was about 3-5cm the balloon would fall out on its own.  I started getting contractions but it wasn’t until several hours later that they became regular.  FINALLY, at around 9pm the balloon fell out!  It all happened so fast after that.  I used the shower, the tub, walking, breathing, anything I could to help relax.  I couldn’t.  The sensations were so intense that nothing I did could part me from the pain. I was experiencing back labour.

Then the nurse saw the meconium.  Lots of it. They immediately said I was no longer allowed in the pool and I needed to stay connected to the monitor, for the baby’s sake.  It was all I didn’t want, but my baby was coming.  I wanted her safe and I was dilating fast. I was getting closer to having her in my arms.  I breathed and breathed and breathed.  My doula and husband rubbing me, caressing me, giving me water.  Finally, I could take it no more so…I requested an epidural.  Thank goodness. 

Within minutes the midwife said I was 10cm.  Let’s get pushing.  I was so excited.  My hubby and doula were right by my side, cheering me on.  45 minutes later my baby was born.  It was the best birth!  Although I felt no pain, I felt every contraction.  I felt my hips widen.  I felt my vagina stretch and the pressure as her head came down.  I felt her crown and felt her head come out.  I felt them escort the rest of her out and onto my tummy.  It was amazing! 

She cried and I spoke to her telling her mommy was here as I caressed her head and pulled her to my breast.   She looked up at me and sighed then began to mouth at my nipple.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing. 

Ava Wren Washko was born into this world on March 21, 2017 at 12:35am.  Although things didn’t go as I had hoped for again, I really felt that I made the best decisions for me and my little girl.  I loved every minute.  Thanks to TCBS I was positive, confident, and calm through it all.  Happy mom = happy baby.”

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