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Month: June 2019

I felt under no pressure to fit into a timeframe

This week’s story comes from one of my newly trained instructors! Madeleine gave birth last year and her experience had such a lasting impact on her that she decided to train to teach other to feel strong, confident and empowered when it came to their births. Maddie is now part of Worcestershire Hypnobirthing. A year…

6 reasons why The Calm Birth School is the best method of hypnobirthing for YOU

With more and more brands of hypnobirthing popping up it can be hard to choose the right method for you. Here are six reasons why you should choose The Calm Birth School to prepare for birth. You may have heard this phrase before…”Not all hypnobirthing is the same” and it is totally true. The core…

I don’t care about that carpet!

This week’s story comes from Hailey Schroder, who prepared for birth using The Calm Birth Method. My first contraction started at 8:19 a.m. on June 18, 2019. They were pretty regular, coming about every 15 minutes but I was able to sleep through them until about 10:00 a.m. I called my husband home because things…

I Iet my mind wander to find something useful for my body to use to relax

This week’s birth story comes from TCBS Instructor Hayley Begner who is the founder of GiGi & Pickle in Finchley, London. Hayley first became interested in Hypnobirthing when she did TCBS Online programme! “On Thursday 6th September at 2.30 am and 41 weeks pregnant, I was woken from my sleep by a surge.  Nothing unusual…

Apparently, I was the talk of the ward

Thank you to Toni & Craig Hansbury who did face to face refresher session with me (Liz!) in my local area of Solihull. This is the second time I have worked with this lovely couple and they are just fabulous. Congratulations to them both (and to their little girl Harper) and welcome to the world…

What is your love language?

CONNECTION My love language- Quality Time. It is how I receive love & it is how I give love In the lead up to going on the Suzy Ashworth retreat, I was anxious about leaving my kids. One of my few triggers these days is leaving my family I knew I needed to show my love…

Just think positively!

Just think positively… “I’m scared”- Just think positively! “I feel so alone”- Just think positively! “I feel like I have no control”- Just think positively! “I won’t be able to cope”- Just think positively! I have heard this phrase at so many different times in my life and its not particularly helpful in most situations…

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