Month: September 2018

“I recommended hypnobirthing. Anything that helps you prepare and makes you feel like you have some control is invaluable.”

This week’s story comes from Alice and Tom who completed a TCBS Course with Rosie Gilderthorpe who is now based in Plymouth. “Before we started our hypnobirthing course I was very nervous about giving birth and really didn’t want to think about it. I was sure it would be a painful and horrendous experience that…

“Hypnobirthing tools helped me to remain positive, focused, and mentally strong during a long labour.”

This week’s story comes from Eki F Tunjungsari. Thank you Eki for getting in touch and sharing your special birth story with us!! Eki lives in Sweden and prepared for her birth with TCBS via the home study (online) course. “My goal for this pregnancy and  birth was to have a positive experience, no matter…

“Another midwife kept popping in just to watch. She said we made her evening!”

This week’s story comes from Amy Sant-Williams, who attended a course with Liz Stanford (TCBS Manager & Trainer). “Our lovely little Jack is here! And he is absolutely adorable. It was an amazing and quick hypnobirth. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I decided to have a sweep as I was 10 days past my…

“Is it normal to wish that I could do it all over again?”

This week’s story comes from Joni Armstrong, from Sydney, Australia! Joni did the TCBS online course. “Hello from Sydney, Australia.  I love reading all of these positive birth stories and just wanted to let you know my own positive experience.  I had my first baby three years ago and had a very traumatic experience (very…

Why I ate my placenta

So, if you haven’t been put off by the title of this post… here goes! Just over six years ago I was given a very late diagnosis of post natal depression (PND). My son was just over two years old and I had been living with this feeling of overwhelm, fear, shame, guilt and anxiety which started…

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