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Monthly Archives: August 2018


“The midwife said my birth plan was the nicest she had ever read”

This week’s story comes from Natalie Ford, who attended a hypnobirthing course with Jennifer Scholes from Empowered Bumps Hypnobirthing . Jennifer teaches in Merseyside, North Cheshire, and South Lancashire (UK)….

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“Thank you for teaching me to trust my body to birth my baby naturally and peacefully.”

This week’s story comes from Becky Baker who very kindly sent her story to us this week. Settle down – it’s a beauty! “My little baby girl, Mabel,…

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“Six hours later we had our baby girl in our arms – no pain relief required!”

This birth story comes from Elsie Roe’s mum in Newcastle, who practised hypnobirthing with Shona Baxter of Empowered Hypnobirthing. “Our little lady Elsie arrived safe, healthy and by…

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“Thanks to the tools hypnobirthing had given us the fear didn’t take over.”

This week’s birth story comes from Isma and Michael in Wakefield, who practised hypnobirthing with Abby Watson of Love Your Birth. “My ideal birth involved me having a…

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What I Know For Sure (about Hypnobirthing!)

What I know for sure… After teaching Hypnobirthing for 6 years and being a Mum to 3 children (all born using Hypnobirthing) I want to share with you…

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Let’s take the F out of Hypnobirthing…

Ok- so I can spell. I know there is no F in Hypnobirthing but if I hear one more woman say that they feel they have FAILED at…

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“After only three glorious pushes my beautiful baby came gently tumbling into the world.”

This beautiful birth story comes from a second time mum who studied hypnobirthing with instructor Christy, from Kent Hypnobirthing. I chose to explore hypnobirthing because, like so many people,…

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