Month: July 2018

“Whilst our birth did not go as we had ‘planned’, hypnobirthing helped us to stay calm, happy and positive.”

This story comes Syma who worked with The Calm Birth School’s Liz Stanford last year and had a really positive birth experience (despite things not going completely to plan!). Thanks for sharing Syma! I was sceptical when I first heard about hypnobirthing, but after completing the sessions with Liz and appreciating how much hypnobirthing helped…

A Letter To My Daughter

Manager & Trainer for The Calm Birth School, Liz Stanford, pours her heart out at the realisation that her first born is growing up!! “My Darling Girl Today is your last day at Primary School! You are excited (and nervous) about the next chapter in your life! You are sad (but reconciled) to leave your…

“I’m so glad I trusted in my body and baby. I could not have had a more positive birth experience!”

This birth story comes from Anita, who learned hypnobirthing with The Calm Birth School’s instructor Leah Freeman at Pure Peach. “I’m so happy to introduce my baby girl, Scarlett Lara Mills, born on 17th February weighing 9lbs 1oz. My first labour in 2015 was pretty long: around 28 hours with 3 hours of pushing, culminating…

“It was so different from the first time. I’m sure if it wasn’t for TCBS I’d have ended up down a much more medicalised route.”

This birth story comes from Sam, who learned hypnobirthing with The Calm Birth School’s Liz Stanford. “Thank you SO much for everything you taught us, I had a really positive birth experience – and it was definitely down to TCBS. My waters released in the same way as they had first time round, when I…

“There were no fairy lights and I didn’t use my lavender room spray – but I still had a magical hypnobirth (in a hurry!)”

Huge congratulations to our lovely TCBS Instructor Rosie from Mind Body & Baby, who gave birth to her beautiful baby boy recently. Rosie is a second time Calm Birth Method mama (and now an instructor). “I am finally not pregnant, hurrah! I am proud to say that on Sunday 13th May at 4.36am I became…

“I was terrified of giving birth because of mainstream media. Thanks to your classes I now know there is another way.”

Amanda Christman wanted to share her story after hypnobirthing helped her overcome her fear of giving birth. “One Monday morning I woke up like it was any other day… because it was just any other day. No signs of labour or anything significant coming my way. I had lost my mucus plug in the past…

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