Month: June 2018

“I was sceptical due to the complications with my previous labour. But I felt totally in control and knew exactly what to do.”

This week’s birth story is from a client of Shona Baxter’s from Empowered Hynobirthing. “I delivered my second beautiful baby girl on 19/05/18 at 40 weeks + 3. I was three days overdue and one failed sweep down, trying my best to keep positive that ‘baby will come when baby is ready’. Which I have…

“It was such a different experience to my first birth. I truly believe that with the right support and mindset every woman can birth at home.”

Thanks to Faye Bell for sharing her birth story. Faye practiced hynobirthing with the Calm Birth School online. “I joined the Calm Birth School on the advice of my doula, to hear some positive birth stories and learn about hypnobirthing. I spent the last few months practising the techniques with both my husband and doula,…

“My gut instinct told me that I had to listen to it and go against everything that I had set my mind to. Doing that saved my baby.”

Thanks to Laura Ellington for sharing her birth story. Laura practiced hynobirthing with The Calm Birth School instructor Katie Stockdale of Peace Love Birth. “Before I begin my story, I must warn you that it’s a long read but one that I wish I had read before my birth. I also think it’s important to…

“The work I did through the Calm Birth School helped me handle my surprisingly fast labour with calm and grace.”

Today’s birth story comes from Michelle Parikh, who used our video based hynobirthing programme. “Our little son Atri was born on April 10, 2018 at 8:32pm. I credit my medication-free birth to the Calm Birth School method. This was my first pregnancy, and early on, I knew that I wanted a medication-free birth. My husband…

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