Month: April 2018

“Anything can happen during pregnancy and birth, but I think you can plan for a better birth whatever the final outcome.”

This week’s birth story comes from Alice Jeffery who sent her story in for us to share with you all! Thanks Alice and congratulations!!!  Florence Jessie Jeffrey was born 13th April 2018, weighing 7lb 5 oz  “Pre Labour: Things started to happen on Tuesday night; I had some period like cramps down below and when baby…

“I had a positive birth despite it being different to what I envisaged.”

This week’s birth story comes from Latanyaa, who attended a Hypnobirthing Refresher course with one of our TCBS Instructors from Coulsdon, UK, the lovely Leah Freeman from The Pure Peach. “I had done a Hypnobirthing refresher course with Leah, had read a number of books and been regularly practising my breathing and relaxation techniques. I also went…

“I just laughed and breathed with relief. It was calm, amazing and perfect.”

This week’s birth story comes from Holly in Folkstone. Holly attended Hypnobirthing classes with one our lovely instructors, Katy Lockey, from Kent Hypnobirthing. “My ‘due date’ came and went and it was Thursday 29th March. I was 41+2. The ‘I’ word was mentioned and it was booked for Sunday 1st April (which I would have…

“They told me how calm and into myself I was during labour. This is ALL thanks to hypnobirthing.”

This Birth Story blew me away!!!! Thanks so much to Gemma & Jim who have shared the story of their second Hypnobirth… with Twins! “As per the doctor’s advice I was due induction at 36 weeks. I had been having on-off niggles for the week before and was due a sweep on the Monday. I had…

“I wanted to shout from the rooftops: ‘Birth can be AMAZING, everyone should know this!!’

Here is TCBS Instructor Hayley Begner from GiGi & Pickle  giving us an insight into her ‘why’. “Two and a half years ago, I left my solid full-time career of 10 years as I prepped myself to give birth to my second child. I officially left to help out my other half with his business,…

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