Month: March 2018

“Thanks to the Calm Birth Method, I was able to stay relaxed and calm throughout.”

This lovely lady send her story in to us, expressing her wish to share  her story with TCBS Community! “My birth story begins before I went into labour with my third child. It begins in the middle of my second trimester. I knew that my third child would be a little bit more difficult than…

“I’m not sure either of us could have coped as well if we hadn’t practiced hypnobirthing.”

This lovely couple attended a Hypnobirthing Course with one of our lovely TCBS Instructors, Abby Watson from Love Your Birth  in Leeds. Before I got pregnant, I’d fallen into the trap of thinking TV and movies accurately depict childbirth – or at least the part where the woman’s labour starts dramatically with a gush of…

“Although I was sad at the time not to have ‘the plan’ it doesn’t matter one bit now!”

Here is a wonderful birth story from one our lovely instructors Aimee Barrett from My Baby Bubble Calverley, West Leeds (UK). “We are delighted to share the news that our son Milo George Stevens was born on Friday the 23rd of February at 9.13 a.m weighing 8lbs 13. We are completely in love with him! I…

“Thanks for giving us the confidence and skills to have the birth we wanted!”

Here is a lovely story from Kirsty & Alan! They prepared for the birth of Rory by attending some fab TCBS classes with Tracey Harper from Birthing Calmly in Hertford, Hertfordshire. “My waters broke Tuesday morning but no surges. I decided to carry on with a ‘normal day’ my parents came to visit, we had…

“…the experience was so much calmer, better and more empowering than my first labour!…”

Here is a fabulous birth story sent to us from Han! Thank you so much for sharing Han!  “When I had my first baby 3 years ago I heard about hypnobirthing, but as a sceptical and logical person I fairly quickly dismissed it as a load “hippy rubbish”. Labour with my daughter was pretty traumatic when…

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