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Month: December 2017

“It felt really challenging but also like I was in control, totally different to my previous birth…”

This weeks Birth story comes from Gemma and Liam who attended one of our TCBS Instructors, Sophie Cartwright’s group classes in Faversham, Kent. “When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter I was never particularly afraid of giving birth, I assumed it wouldn’t be pleasant but it would only be a day out of my…

“…the MP3’s, affirmations and relaxation techniques really made me believe in myself and breathing correctly was my saviour…”

Here is a wonderful calm water birth story sent to us by the lovely Georgia! Thank you so much for sharing your story!  “The writing of my story is long overdue as my little girl Dolcey-Olivia Collings was born 8 days early on 9th October 2017 but I really want to share my experience because…

“…Reading the positive birth stories of other hypnobirthing ladies made me believe that there was no reason why I too couldn’t have an incredible birth experience…”

Here’s a wonderful water birth story sent to us by Sarah, via her wonderful TCBS Instructor (and our TCBS Training Manager) Liz from Enhance Your Birth – thanks so much for sharing lovelies! “I first realized that Aubrey was on her way at about 2am on the Saturday morning. I had a feeling that she…

“I tried the birth breathing but found I’m a tad more vocal at that point, but still felt completely calm and in control…”

Here’s a rather, edge of your seats but fab birth story sent to us by Jane, via her wonderful TCBS Instructor (and our TCBS Training Manager) Liz at Thanks so much for sharing lovelies! “Hi everyone, I thought I’d share my birth story as it’s not quite what we planned – but that was…

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