Month: November 2017

“…I went for a walk up and down the stairs then spent the next couple of hours listening to Suzy on repeat and breathing through each surge…”

Here is a lovely birth story sent to us from the wonderful Fiona! This is her second calm birth story! Thanks so much for sharing your story Fiona!  “I completed TCBS course a couple of years ago when I had my first baby and although I didn’t get my “perfect” birth it was still a…

“I pulled on every strength I had within me to keep my energy up and I can honestly say I could not have got through it without breathing through the contractions!”

Here is a lovely birth story sent to us via one of our TCBS Instructors, Ashley Parker, from Miracle In The Making (based in York). Jenny & Oscar went on Ashley’s October course and were an absolute dream team!  Jenny’s story is the perfect example of how important it is to have the information to…

“..Up until this point I had been really confident in my breathing and felt in control and calm…”

Here is a wonderful birth story from first time parents Olli & Rhiannon in Hertford! Sent to us by one of our amazing TCBS Instructors, Tracey Harper at Birthing Calmly. “Dear Tracey, Oliver and I want to say a big thank you to you personally for taking us through TCBS material and for the fantastic…

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