Month: September 2017

“Holding her in the water, seeing her staring back at me – I couldn’t believe what I had just done!”

This week’s Birth Story comes from the lovely Megan and Dean! Thank you for sharing your birth story!   Our little girl Riley was born on the 20th September by water birth and whilst it wasn’t the birth we had anticipated or expected, we were still able to use our hypnobirthing. After coming home from…

“..Remember ladies you know your own body!..”

This week’s Birth Story comes from the lovely Ruth! “Our son Sebastian was born on Tuesday 28th March this year (2017) weighing 6lb 15oz with really dark hair (inherited from my husband not me!). It was the most amazing experience and I feel incredibly emotional and proud of what my body did. Was it how…

“..I think keeping positive and maintaining calm breathing was a major factor..”

This week’s Birth Story comes from the lovely Tara! “I decided to go to hypnobirthing as a few friends had recommended it and as I was, like most, petrified of giving birth. I thought anything was worth a shot, but I’m a real cynic  and deep down thought it would be an expensive waste of…

“Hypnobirthing was what got me through all of the rush and shock of the whole day…”

This week’s birth story comes from Jodie, thank you for sharing Jodie! “…My waters broke in the morning (although I was unaware it was my waters) I was only 36 weeks + 3 days so I had to go in to be checked over.   When they checked and put me on the monitor I…

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