Month: June 2017

How to Turn a Breech Baby

I’m delighted to be able to welcome Nissa Moger the hypnobirthing midwife and founder of She’s here to share her top tips on turning a breech baby AND give you the opportunity to win one of five of her courses. It’s important to acknowledge that not every baby will and should turn, and there…

“…after both of us getting the shakes & turning quite pale I said ‘get Suzy on!’…”

This weeks Birth Story of the Week comes from the lovely Sophie – thank you for sharing Sophie!   My Calm Birth Story   “When I became pregnant with my second child I immediately felt scared about giving birth again. I didn’t feel any fear with my first born, having had no experience and no…

“…my overall experience was wonderful & nothing like I’d been brainwashed to expect previously to discovering TCBS!”

Birth Story of the Week comes from Jessica who is sharing her wonderful VBAC story! Thank you Jessica!   “I delivered my first son Adam by C-section here in Tunisia where I live and work, though I’m originally from the UK. He was frank breech but I found a lovely French lady doctor who I felt…

Calm Birth After Trauma

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my amazing birth story with you all. After the very traumatic birth of my first son I was pretty nervous about going through it a second time so I began looking for ways to calm those nerves and that’s when I stumbled upon hypnobirthing or calm birthing which…

“….he was born into water at home surrounded by the people who would love him most in the world….”

Birth Story of the Week comes from Rhian who is sharing the story of her beautiful son. Rhian loved reading all the other Birth Stories so wanted to share hers with you all. “Several friends had recommended hypnobirthing to me in the past few years and I had noticed that they were, in general, the…

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