Month: April 2017


Today, I would like to talk to you about meconium. Earlier on in the week, I did a Facebook Live on a conversation that we haven’t had for a while, and that was around the fact that positive thinking is not going to guarantee you a perfect birth.  The way that we teach hypnobirthing at…

The Birth of Baby Micah

We received this lovely birth story from one of our instructors – Yvonne from Relaxed Birthing. It wasn’t quite the water birth that Joanna had wanted but it is a wonderful story of how hypnobirthing can help in any birth. “We just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that our…

What to Do in Early Labour?

Today I want to talk to you about early labour.  This should be one of the most exciting times of your whole pregnancy.  You have been waiting for months and months for this baby to arrive, and finally those twinges, maybe the cramping or the Braxton Hicks, are not a false alarm, and your baby…

Elina’s unexpected breech birth

Here is the beautiful birth story from one of our Calm Birth School instructors, Yvonne Hopkinson, and first time parents Elina and her husband, about the birth of their gorgeous daughter Leila: “I had the pleasure of meeting Elina early on in her pregnancy when she came along to my free hypnobirthing taster session at The Isbourne Holistic…

“I felt all my muscles relax and felt able to tackle anything”

Here’s Rebecca’s birth story.  Thank you for sharing it with us x “So I have been meaning to write my birth story for a while and then suddenly I realised that nearly 4 months has gone by ? I have written everything down so it’s a bit long…. I was very fortunate for my first…

Does HypnoBirthing work in birth centers and hospitals?

This week I am doing a little bit of myth-busting.  I saw in one of the hypnobirthing groups I’m a member of somebody asking the age old question, is hypnobirthing only good for home births or does it work in birth centres and hospitals too. Here is my answer. This question drives me crazy because…

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