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Month: February 2017

The calm birth of Cole Francis.

“Surges began at 0740 at 39 weeks, on the day. They were fairly light so I continued to play with my two year old. I was so ready for this birth but really didn’t think it was going to happen this soon. My first son had been a week late and it was a 39…

Laura Natural Hospital Birth

Thank you to Laura for sharing your birth story with us and congratulations on the birth of baby Bonnie,. “A long account of my long labour! The day before my due date (Saturday) I woke up around 1 am thinking I might be having mild cramps, but they were so mild I wasn’t sure if I…

A Calm Hospital Hypnobirth from the United States

Hello fellow hypnobirthers! I’ve been enjoying following along with you all, thank you for being a lovely community of strong mamas. So this is my birth story- I live in Pittsburgh, PA, in the US. I found your course Suzy as I was listening through episodes of the Pregnancy Podcast… as you all may know…

Woody’s Unplanned Homebirth

Thank you to one of our instructors Liz for sending in this lovely homebirth story. “I was getting fed up as I neared a week overdue. I saw the midwife on Tuesday morning and politely declined a sweep or induction as deep down I knew that baby would come when ready and not when everyone…

“It was the most amazing and memorable feeling ever!”

We received this birth story from Liz, one of The Calm Birth School instructors. Here is Harper Rose’s Birth Story: “Harper was one week, one day overdue when I went into labour on Saturday 28th January and since week 38 I’d been researching every natural induction method possible to find a way of kick-starting my…

The calm hypno-waterbirth of Alfred George Galvan

We have a wonderful waterbirth story of baby Alfred: “I recently gave birth to my little boy and had the most wonderful experience. I wanted to share with you my birthing story in case it helps anyone that is about to give birth. I feel it is so important to share positive birth stories! My…

Why We Have to be a B1tch About Birth?

Hey lovelies, today we are discussing why we sometimes have to be a bit of a bitch if we want to get the birth that we want.  Here’s the deal.  I hear so many women talk about how frustrated, how hurt, and in some cases how violated they feel about their first birth experiences. They…

Becci’s Positive Birth

We had a wonderful birth story from one of the Calm Birth School instructors Liz Stanford from Enhance Your Birth. Thank for you for allowing us to share your birth story Becci and congratulations on the birth of your little boy. Finally getting to write you my birth story. I had gone over my due…

Why We Don’t Hear More about Amazing Births?

Today I want to have a discuss with you on why we don’t hear more about amazing births.  Here’s the deal, whilst there are a lot of women out there who have incredibly crappy births for numerous reasons, which we’re not going to explore today, there are a growing number of women who are having…

Leila’s Wonderful Water Birth

We have received this wonderful birth story from one of our lovely instructors Tracey Harper from Birthing Calmly. Thank you for allowing us to share it Leila and Tom and congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous little boy. “Just wanted to let you know our lovely news! Out baby boy is finally here. Baby bean has no…

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