Month: December 2016

Looking Back and Leaping Forward – Happy New Year!

I am hoping that you have had THE best Christmas and are feeling the vibe of 2017 already.  When I reflect on 2016, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of joy. I don’t say that lightly, because I know there has also been a lot of pain and suffering in the world. However,…

Becci’s wonderful water birth

Here is a lovely birth story from Becci who was taught by one of The Calm Birth School instructors Liz from Enhance Your Birth. “Finally getting to write my birth story. I had gone over my guess date and I really wanted a natural birth. I knew time was running out before they would want…

6 Gifts Your Unborn Baby Has Given You This Xmas

On this gorgeously festive day, whether you are celebrating today or not, I wanted to send you the warmest of wishes and a whole bundle of love. Merry Christmas!!! When I was thinking about today’s newsletter, of course, I couldn’t help but think about those of you who are waiting for their little ones to…

Birth, Vulnerability & Superwomen

I have just finished listening to a series of talks that Brené Brown has given around the concept of shame and the power of vulnerability. It wasn’t until I was 80% through her book, The Power of Vulnerability, that a light bulb went off. When Brené refers to calm being a superpower it occurred to me…

“While the birth didn’t go the way we had planned, we couldn’t have felt more in control of our choices all the way through.”

Here is Anjali’s birth story.  Thanks for sharing it with us! Hi everyone! Sorry about the long post, just wanted to share my birth story  🙂 I posted on the community board ~10 days ago with my worries about having to be induced and received a wealth of support – thank you so much. Funnily enough,…

How hypnothbirthing helped with my 80 hours labour!

Thank you to Rose for sharing her birth story with us. “Friday evening (41+3) I started getting twinges so we walked to Walthamstow for dinner (spicy food, wine, serotonin, tick, tick, tick!). when I got into bed that night they started getting more intense and by midnight I needed to be stood up. I was…

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