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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Emily Resized

“As a second time mum, I definitely felt I had more fear to overcome this time”

Thank you April for sharing this wonderful birth story with us and congratulations on the birth of baby Emily “I thought I would share my birth story with…

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Letter to My Unborn Child!

Dear Beautiful One, I have been thinking about writing to you for a little while now, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to say. But as…

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What an Empowering First Birth Experience to Enjoy!

Welcome Hugh James Rietze! Born May 14, 2016. Thanks TCBS for a beautiful, empowering first birth. Waters broke at 2AM, gentle surges till about 9AM, pushing started at…

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lou baby resized

“I’m happy to say there wasn’t a stitch in sight……”

We had to share this beautiful birth story with you on the blog. Congratulations Lou:) “It’s taken me a while (mainly because I’ve spent the last 2 weeks…

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annabel baby for blog

“It was such an ecstatic feeling of joy and relief………”

A beautiful birth story to share with you from Annabel:) “I have found all the various posts and links to positive birth stories really helpful to read and…

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Gillian's baby blog resized

“I was ready to take on whatever path my birthing experience took”

Thank you Gillian for sharing your birth story with us:)…….. “One calm baby and one confident mother leaving hospital today after the birth of my daughter Isabel on…

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william blog resized

“My waters went by themselves, my baby and my body had other plans!”

A wonderful story from Lorna to share with you today:) “I won’t apologise for this being a long post, when I was pregnant I loved the long, detailed…

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hospital bag

4 Essentials Every Hypnobirthing Partner Needs for THEIR Birthing Bag

“Say what?!” I hear expectant Mum’s shouting everywhere. “My partner needs a bag too?!” Yes, well…Kind of. We all know that ideally you will have your ‘hospital’ bag…

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What The Biggest Move of My Life Taught Me About Hypnobirthing

What The Biggest Move of My Life Taught Me About Hypnobirthing?

Generally speaking I am a calm and relaxed person. The work that I do demands it and since becoming a mama they are skills that I have tried…

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baby Leila Resized

“She made her entrance in the front seat, before I could even pull my trousers down!”

Wow we loved hearing Debbie’s birth story and knew we had to share:) “Introducing baby Leila who decided to make a rather dramatic entrance at 8.55am on Wednesday…

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