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Month: April 2016

Why I Hired a Doula?

I’ll be honest – I questioned whether I actually needed a Doula or not. I KNOW! Coming from me that sounds weird because I promote having an amazing birthing team around you. But because I’ve got an independent midwife, the lovely Virginia Howes, from Kent Midwifery Practice. I just felt like, maybe it’s gonna be…

“I managed to focus and use my surges’ energy to push him down”

We have a wonderful birth story here from Shonagh on the birth of baby Murray. Here is her story: “Birth has always been a medical process in my family – my mum, aunt, sister, and cousin all gave birth to their babies by c- section therefore I doubted my ability to give birth and was…

“I suddenly felt like pushing and baby was born after just 3 pushes after”

We loved hearing Jo’s birth story and had to share it with you all:) “Just thought I’d drop a mail to say I was so impressed with the calm birth school. Initially I was sceptical about calm and pain free birth. But… I had my second baby on Thursday and the experience was really amazing…

How long should I practise my hypnobirthing techniques every day?

I saw a comment in a Facebook Group couple of days ago with a lady asking, “Do I need to be practicing for one hour a day?” It’s something that comes up quite a lot, particularly when people find the Calm Birth School, or whatever hypnobirthing method that they’ve signed up to, quite late in…

3 Common Hypnobirthing Mistakes

So I think we have established that hypnobirthing does work….for some. But what about the people who feel that for whatever reason it didn’t work for them on the day. From the work I have done with thousands mothers over the last 18 months there are definitely common themes for the mothers who find The…

“It’s not a conventional hypnobirthing story but the principles can still apply.”

Dear Suzy, I am lying here listening to my 11 day old baby boy Oscar snuffling away in his cot and thought I’d write you my birth story. It’s not a conventional hypnobirthing story but maybe one that shows whatever happens the principles can still apply. I went into early stages of labour on a…

“he was born just eight minutes after arriving at hospital”

We loved hearing Natalie’s birth story, thank you for sharing:)…….. “I had a difficult first birth and was initially anxious about the birth of our second child , but the course and practice helped me to feel so much more prepared , calmer and in control. It felt a bit like training for a race…

Calm and Peaceful Home Water Birth

Happiness is this: Our gorgeous little Helena Rose was born last Wednesday at 4.26am at home 🙂  After a few days of lots of braxton hicks I had been experiencing mild contractions 10-30 mins apart all day, at 1.00am they became stronger and closer together – I was listening to my birth rehearsal mp3 s…

My Daughter Was Born Calmly and Peacefully on the Bathroom Floor

We loved this story from first time mum Victoria: “I would just like to introduce baby Fearne born Monday 28th March at 12.28am 10 days before my guess date. My waters broke at 7.30pm while watching the calm birth school week 3, we stayed calm and rang the hospital assessment number who asked us to…

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