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Monthly Archives: April 2016

why I hired a doula

Why I Hired a Doula?

I’ll be honest – I questioned whether I actually needed a Doula or not. I KNOW! Coming from me that sounds weird because I promote having an amazing…

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baby murray resized

“I managed to focus and use my surges’ energy to push him down”

We have a wonderful birth story here from Shonagh on the birth of baby Murray. Here is her story: “Birth has always been a medical process in my…

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Jo baby resized

“I suddenly felt like pushing and baby was born after just 3 pushes after”

We loved hearing Jo’s birth story and had to share it with you all:) “Just thought I’d drop a mail to say I was so impressed with the…

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How long should I practise my hypnobirthing techniques every day?

I saw a comment in a Facebook Group couple of days ago with a lady asking, “Do I need to be practicing for one hour a day?” It’s…

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3 Common Hypnobirthing Mistakes

So I think we have established that hypnobirthing does work….for some. But what about the people who feel that for whatever reason it didn’t work for them on…

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Oscar and Jez Feature image for hypnobirthing newsletter 17.4

“It’s not a conventional hypnobirthing story but the principles can still apply.”

Dear Suzy, I am lying here listening to my 11 day old baby boy Oscar snuffling away in his cot and thought I’d write you my birth story….

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owen 2

“he was born just eight minutes after arriving at hospital”

We loved hearing Natalie’s birth story, thank you for sharing:)…….. “I had a difficult first birth and was initially anxious about the birth of our second child ,…

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Calm and Peaceful Home Water Birth

Happiness is this: Our gorgeous little Helena Rose was born last Wednesday at 4.26am at home 🙂  After a few days of lots of braxton hicks I had…

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Victoria 1

My Daughter Was Born Calmly and Peacefully on the Bathroom Floor

We loved this story from first time mum Victoria: “I would just like to introduce baby Fearne born Monday 28th March at 12.28am 10 days before my guess…

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