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Monthly Archives: March 2016

hands and torso of a pregnant woman and her husband, isolated on black studio background

Does Hypnobirthing Really Work?

Does hypnobirthing really work is a question I’ve heard come up time and time again. But the truth is, the only reason why the question arises is because…

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My Husband Delivered My Baby!

I just wanted to say thank you to for the tools that you gave to me. My birth was intense but I did enjoy it- I stayed calm…

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I don't know. A young woman shrugging with question marks.

Is Hypnobirthing Right For You?

Just two years ago the mere mention of the word hypnobirthing conjured up thoughts of hairy armpits, mung bean salad and crocheted knickers. Then people like the Duchess…

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Hospital Birth in Spain

Hospital Birth In Spain

Hi Suzy! Just a quick msg to let you know that our little girl Lani was born Saturday morning after a really quick labour with no pre-warning (I…

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Jessica baby

It was not the VBAC I had planned!

Thank you to Jessica who shared her birth story with us. “Well my birth was pretty far away from the hypnobirthing VBAC I had planned in my mind…

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My Quick and Easy Hospital Birth

Marino Tommaseo Ponzetta 7.97/3.62kgs was born yesterday morning at 4.11am after just a little over 5-hours from start to finish, all natural (they don’t do gas and air…

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