Month: December 2015

Einstein the Hypnobirthing Practitioner?

In the past hypnobirthing has always been perceived as a bit hippy dippy, which is a point I look to debunk throughout The Calm Birth School book as by far the majority of hypnobirthing theory is based on the biology of birth and evidence based neuroscience. As an avid reader I find that many of…

I cant believe I did it! I had rewritten my birth story!

We couldn’t wait to share Nicola’s birth story with you all. Grab yourself some tissues as it had us sobbing! My 2nd beautiful daughter Matilda Poppy came along at 40+5 on 25th November. I wanted to re write my first birth as although I used hypno birthing techniques I went along with what the hospital told me.…

My pretty amazing induction…..

We have a short but wonderful induction story for you today: “Just wanted to say thanks to the breathing techniques I learned from the videos I was able to have a pretty amazing induction yesterday. The midwives couldn’t believe how calm I was breathing through the surges. I may have lost it for a few…

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