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Month: November 2015

I was told to pace myself……it could be a while!

We hope you enjoy reading Camille’s birth story as much as we did: Isla was born 6 weeks ago now! Our little girl decided to come during the early hours one Saturday morning. Contractions started and after a lovely bath and some focused breathing, waves quickly became frequent and more intense. I remember pacing the length…

So it turned out to be real and not Braxton hicks!

We loved hearing Katherine’s birth story: Still to be named but our wee boy was born by emergency c section at3:26 this morning weighing 6lb 10 and it could not have gone any better. Change of plans to our water birth and had to be transferred around mid night to the labour ward as baby’s…

Hayley’s spa inspired home birth!

We have a wonderful birth story for you from Hayley: 6 days before my due date our little Huxley Isaac decided to come into the world! My waters broke at 11.30 Sunday night where I called out our midwife to check me. She suggested trying going back to bed and said it could be a…

Helen’s Dramatic Birth Story

Thank you Suzy, Hollie and the wonderful TCBS commuity for your advice, resources and support during the last few months of my pregnancy. My gorgeous boy Ezra Jude was born 15.10.15 weighing in at a healthy 8lb 7oz. I won’t share too many details as it all sounds rather dramatic written down but I will…

What is the Difference Between Relaxation, Self-Hypnosis and Meditation for Pregnancy?

Conversations I have had in the past about the difference between relaxation, self-hypnosis and meditation have always been slightly perplexing as the universal benefits of all three: the reduction, in stress, anxiety and low blood pressure appeared to be the reasons as to why a pregnant women should partake in one discipline over another. However,…

My Positive Unplanned Caesarean

Hi all, I’d like to introduce Yvie Asha, and share our birth story (apologies in advance for the epic post, but it was not straightforward!). Our little one made her surprise arrival on October 22nd, at 37+1. It was by no means the birth I had imagined whilst listening to the birth rehearsal MP3, but…

10 Relaxation Tips and Techniques for a Positive Childbirth

One of the biggest themes I teach through my work with hypnobirthing mums and mums-to-be at The Calm Birth School is the power of being able to relax deeply on demand. This is such an important skill to harness during your pregnancy as it will help you immensely during your labour. Increasing your chances of…

Stop Aiming for Perfect Births

I know I’ve said this before, but it can’t be said enough, so just in case you missed it the first time. When it comes to your birth…actually anything related to pregnancy, birth, parenting…. Stop aiming for perfection. Perfection only exists in the dictionary. Do you know what perfectionism means? … A personal standard, attitude,…

Natasha Roared Her Way Through Labour!

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Suzy Ashworth and anyone in this group that offered advice and support during my pregnancy. Thanks to the Calm Birth School I was able to have the birth experience I had imagined. My son Buddy Jude Middleditch was born on 10th September and I’m so…

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