Month: June 2015

Hypnotherapy for Labour Employing Natural Strategies to Reduce Pain During Childbirth

It’s the question on everybody’s lips. Can hypnotherapy or hypnobirthing help to reduce the pain of childbirth during labour? Whilst the science says no, we at The Calm Birth School have received a plethora of emails stating the complete opposite. However, pain free labours are NOT our focus. In fact it drives us a little…

Why Hypno Birthing Can Ease the fears of Expectant Mothers?

The number of celebrities and articles talking about how hypno birthing is helping them during their journey through pregnancy is amazing. It does so much to bring hypnobirthing into the main stream. However, despite all of the talk there are still big misunderstandings when it comes to what hypnobirthing can and can’t do. The type…

The Most Incredible Twin Home Birth Story You Have Ever Heard!!

Seriously, this story rocks!!! So, I’m going to apologize for the slight fan girl excitement at the start of this interview. BUT this was a really special interview for me because I got to talk to the wonderful Lana Shlafer who shares with us her amazing twin home birth story. There are so many interesting…

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