Month: January 2015

Twitter Party and Masterclass

It feels like it’s been a while, but as always we have been busying ourselves behind the scenes to bring you some very special gatherings.  Virtual , because you know that’s our bag! Our next masterclass is going be held this Friday, with the wonderful Dr Joanna Heckle from Zest 4 Life UK.   Joanna runs…

Hypnobirth Music: The Top 10 Songs on Our Playlist

When it comes to setting the scene the type of hypnobirth music you play is super important.  And getting used to listening to it whilst relaxing during your pregnancy is a key element to creating the type of association or anchor, which is going to be most useful during your birth.  The reason why we…

3 Easy Ways to Deal With Negative Thinking During Pregnancy

It’s really common and normal for negative thinking to arise during your pregnancy. Please don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re a human being, sometimes, you’ll get stressed, anxious or worried, it’s part of living life. But what if you feel that you are constantly on that worry loop, and your negative emotions are far…

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