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Sophie Cartwright

Home 9 Jacob Villas South Road Faversham Kent ME13 7JN Home Phone: 07815 055 990 Website:


Hello, I’m Sophie and I’m excited to be joining The Calm Birth School alongside Ray and Christy (that’s Ray on the right, I’m on the left and Christy in the middle). The three of us make up Kent Hypnobirthing.

After being taught by Ray I decided to join the Kent Hypnobirthing family. We all have 2 children each and have birthed with and without Hypnobirthing. The difference it made to all of our births was immense. Going from very medicalised births, which did not go to plan and left us feeling out of control and disappointed to amazing births, not always as we had pictured them but positive and beautiful never the less.

The three of us believe that hypnobirthing is so much more than a bit of magical breathing (if only that was all it took!) It’s a complete mindset shift and the power of approaching your birth positively and informed is massive. Life changing even. Since training to become a teacher I have been amazed to discover the power our minds have over our births and how much we can do to truly stack the odds in our favour.

Having the three of us working alongside one another works brilliantly, we each have different interests and specialities, bringing bits of ourselves to our classes and the company as a whole. We are thoroughly enjoying spreading positive birth and mama vibes wherever we go. Building an online and real community of the families we work with. We offer relaxation classes, group classes (in Margate, Maidstone and Faversham), Private and intensive classes, across Kent, as well as one of the friendliest Facebook groups on the internet.

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