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Bea Christie

Front Room Hypnobirthing
Home 10 Esk Side West Musselburgh Edinburgh EH21 6PL Home Phone: 07980803968 Website:


Hello lovely people. I am Bea, a Hypnobirthing teacher and mum of 3 boys, They are all amazing to me and my inspiration. All 3 are totally different. As were their births.

The first was not the best. Meeting my biggest boy was breathtaking. But the negative experience ignited something in me. My passion for answers, education and belief that all birth can be positive.

I don’t except all the negative crap dumped on us women, anymore. I’m not scared. I have a normal, healthy positive perspective of birth. And it’s much bloody better.

The thing is, I believe, when you birth a human life, that moment stays with you. It becomes a part of you. And of them. Guess what…HOW YOU FEEL IS REALLY IMPORTANT.

I have spent a long time joining up all the dots. Training, teaching, reading and having two more babies. Both births were very different and both amazing.

But they didn’t come out of know where. I worked hard! I invested in myself, so did my husband. I took the time to practice, prepare and be positive. Using my Hypnobirthing techniques, I took control of my experiences.

THIS is why I teach hypnobirthing workshops with The Calm Birth School in Edinburgh. To play my part in making positive birth possible for you.

So, if you think about the fact the birth should be a normal, natural, exciting event but all you hear is that you will be a weak, victim who should be paralysed by fear? 

Or you have heard loads of negative stuff around birth? Or have you had a bad experience? 

If there is a bit of you that knows that birth shouldn’t be like this? Or wonders why all the messages your getting are so negative? 

My antenatal classes will help you put it all in to perspective. Come and get cosy in my Front Room and learn a little bit of hypno and a lot about birth, especially the calm confident kind. You will leave feeling positive, informed and a little bit excited.