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Ruth birth story

“..Remember ladies you know your own body!..”

This week’s Birth Story comes from the lovely Ruth! “Our son Sebastian was born on Tuesday 28th March this year (2017) weighing 6lb 15oz with really dark hair…

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Tara-baby pic

“..I think keeping positive and maintaining calm breathing was a major factor..”

This week’s Birth Story comes from the lovely Tara! “I decided to go to hypnobirthing as a few friends had recommended it and as I was, like most,…

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Oscar - Jodie Birth Story 1

“Hypnobirthing was what got me through all of the rush and shock of the whole day…”

This week’s birth story comes from Jodie, thank you for sharing Jodie! “…My waters broke in the morning (although I was unaware it was my waters) I was…

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Baby Feliz - Julia

“…I ended up feeling so confident about my impending labour that I decided to have a home birth!..”

This week’s birth story comes from the lovely Julia; “….When I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant, I was adamant that I was going to have an elective…

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Birth story - Tiffany

“…believe me when I say listen to your body, it will tell you what to do!..”

Birth story of the week is from the lovely Tiffany! Thank you so much for sharing Tiffany! “…I’m sharing my story in the hope that it encourages others…

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IMG_3481 (1)

Could you teach The Calm Birth Method?

The Calm Birth School (TCBS) has steadily grown and expanded since its inception in 2014. From a successful on-line programme (engaging 1000 women world wide) to providing Instructors…

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How to Turn a Breech Baby

How to Turn a Breech Baby

I’m delighted to be able to welcome Nissa Moger the hypnobirthing midwife and founder of She’s here to share her top tips on turning a breech baby…

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Mummy & baby

“…after both of us getting the shakes & turning quite pale I said ‘get Suzy on!’…”

This weeks Birth Story of the Week comes from the lovely Sophie – thank you for sharing Sophie!   My Calm Birth Story   “When I became pregnant…

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Photo Collage Maker_soHo7v

“…my overall experience was wonderful & nothing like I’d been brainwashed to expect previously to discovering TCBS!”

Birth Story of the Week comes from Jessica who is sharing her wonderful VBAC story! Thank you Jessica!   “I delivered my first son Adam by C-section here in…

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Calm Birth After Trauma

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my amazing birth story with you all. After the very traumatic birth of my first son I was pretty nervous about…

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