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Birth story Georgia

“…the MP3’s, affirmations and relaxation techniques really made me believe in myself and breathing correctly was my saviour…”

Here is a wonderful calm water birth story sent to us by the lovely Georgia! Thank you so much for sharing your story!  “The writing of my story…

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“…Reading the positive birth stories of other hypnobirthing ladies made me believe that there was no reason why I too couldn’t have an incredible birth experience…”

Here’s a wonderful water birth story sent to us by Sarah, via her wonderful TCBS Instructor (and our TCBS Training Manager) Liz from Enhance Your Birth – thanks…

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Jane birth story from Liz

“I tried the birth breathing but found I’m a tad more vocal at that point, but still felt completely calm and in control…”

Here’s a rather, edge of your seats but fab birth story sent to us by Jane, via her wonderful TCBS Instructor (and our TCBS Training Manager) Liz at…

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Fiona Summers birth pic

“…I went for a walk up and down the stairs then spent the next couple of hours listening to Suzy on repeat and breathing through each surge…”

Here is a lovely birth story sent to us from the wonderful Fiona! This is her second calm birth story! Thanks so much for sharing your story Fiona! …

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Jenny and Oscar's baby

“I pulled on every strength I had within me to keep my energy up and I can honestly say I could not have got through it without breathing through the contractions!”

Here is a lovely birth story sent to us via one of our TCBS Instructors, Ashley Parker, from Miracle In The Making (based in York). Jenny & Oscar…

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ollie and rihannon baby pic

“..Up until this point I had been really confident in my breathing and felt in control and calm…”

Here is a wonderful birth story from first time parents Olli & Rhiannon in Hertford! Sent to us by one of our amazing TCBS Instructors, Tracey Harper at…

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“..I have to say that I think I was able to cope with the situation so much better from having done the course, read the book and listened to the MP3’s..”

Here is a wonderful Birth Story from Lucy and Steve! Thanks for sharing guys! “After our course I read The Calm Birth School book several times and referred…

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Luna Rose

“…I stopped doubting myself and listened to my body and thought ‘wow, our baby is coming!’…”

This week’s Birth Story is from Amie & Martin! “It was a new moon, which we hadn’t realised (but now love how fitting that was), and I woke…

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“…The surges got stronger but were manageable with a bath a bit more hypnobirthing and the birthing ball…”

Here is another wonderful Birth Story! “I started having mild surges on Monday at 4am, I sent Ollie off to work as they were only twinges and I…

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Baby Daniel

“…I managed to push my baby out with the help of three midwives and 2 doctors…”

This weeks lovely birth story comes from Louise and Andy! Thank you for sharing your story!   “..I went into hospital with my husband Andy to be induced…

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